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Don't spring a leak

We see water damage to client's homes in Orange County somewhat regularly. The restoration process can make your home life a big hassle, as carpet and walls get torn apart. That's why it is important to stay ahead of potential water problems and quickly fix even minor leaks. Here's how you can reduce the risk of leaks.

•Check appliance hoses. Standard rubber hoses are not the most durable choice, so replace them with steel-braided hoses. This is a low cost fix that could save you thousands.

•Broken tiles in the shower can allow water to leak into the walls or on the floor. Replace cracked tiles and re-grout when needed.

•Run dishwasher and washing machine only when you are home. If a leak occurs, you can turn the appliance off right away.

•When on vacation, turn off the main water supply to your house.

•Keep storm drains near your house clear of leaves.

•Install a gutter guard. This can prevent a rooftop disaster caused by drain clogs, and also prevent flooding by water that isn’t carried away from the house.

•Install a water pressure gauge. An inexpensive gauge can prevent damage caused by water pressure that’s too high. Pressure should be between 60 and 80 PSI.